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We are the U.C. Berkeley chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists of America. Meetings every Monday @ 8pm pt. Fill out the signup form below to get involved!

About Cal YDSA


For the many, not the few.

YDSA is the youth and student section of DSA––the largest socialist organization in the United States. As a YDSA chapter, our mission is twofold: 1) fight for the immediate needs of students and workers at U.C. Berkeley, and 2) provide our members with the political perspectives and organizational skills necessary to play a principled role in the movement for socialism. As socialist organizers, we believe that:

  • the economy should be run democratically by workers;
  • the liberation of all oppressed peoples requires the abolition of capitalism;
  • the U.S. imperial empire must be dismantled globally;
  • these goals can be achieved through a self-organized, multiracial working class movement!

Our Organizing

Cal YDSA organizes on a number of different fronts to build student and worker power at our university, including class struggle campaigns, rank-and-file labor organizing, political education, and 1:1 leadership development. See some highlights below.

Central Committee

Cal YDSA is led by a democratically elected Central Committee, which is responsible for organizing meetings, managing funds, and implementing priorities adopted by overall membership. The Central Committee is here to ensure the healthy growth and maintenance of the chapter.

Cyn wearing cool shades

Cyn H.

Madison being radiant

Madison N.

Gabriel masked up in front of a window

Gabriel M.

Administrative Secretary
Amanda receiving a Bear hug from a statue

Amanda L.

Communications Chair
Anthony holding a sign for the Green New Deal

Anthony M.

Membership Chair
David teaching a lesson

David V.

Political Education Co-Chair
Lance standing at a BART station

Lance J.

Political Education Co-Chair


Chapter Meetings every Monday @ 8pm (Wheeler 200).

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